Expert Tips for Cat Harness Training and Choosing the Best Harness

Expert cat harness training tips

Training your cat to walk on a harness and leash can be a rewarding experience for both you and your feline friend. Not only does it allow your cat to safely explore the outdoors, but it can also provide mental and physical stimulation, helping to prevent boredom and excess weight gain. Harness Training Your Cat […]

Are Cat Backpacks Safe? The Complete Guide

Are Cat Backpacks Safe?

Cats are naturally curious creatures. Gazing out the window every day works fine for some felines. But others prefer a lifestyle filled with additional stimulation. Unfortunately, not every cat can be an outdoor animal. That’s where cat backpacks come in! Invented to make traveling with your furry friend easier, cat backpacks allow your cat to […]

How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A Leash

How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A Leash

Have you ever wondered if your indoor cat could double as an “adventure cat” or “explorer cat?” It’s a trend that’s only grown on social media in recent years. Hiking, sightseeing, and road-tripping are no longer limited to man’s best friend. Suki Cat, Willow The Traveling Cat, and Bolt and Keel are some examples of feline personas […]