Best Automatic Cat Feeders: Your Ultimate Guide to Fuss-Free Feline Feeding in 2023

Best automatic cat feeders

An automatic cat feeder can be a game-changer for busy pet owners. It not only maintains your cat’s diet regularity when you’re not around, but it also controls portion sizes, prevents overfeeding, and encourages healthy eating habits. This device, particularly valuable for cats with special dietary requirements, promises peace of mind and alleviates the stress of rushing home to feed your feline companion.

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In this guide, we’ll explore the world of automatic cat feeders in-depth. We’ll outline essential features to consider, present top options for various needs and budgets, and answer frequently asked questions. After reading, you’ll be well-equipped to find the best automatic cat feeder for your home and furry friend.

This guide’s recommendations result from our expert team’s thorough research, including user reviews, product specifications, and firsthand experiences. This rigorous process guarantees our reviews’ authenticity, guiding you to make informed decisions. Our reviews remain unbiased and credible; however, please note that we may earn an affiliate commission for purchases made through our links.

What is an Automatic Cat Feeder?

An automatic cat feeder is an innovative device that dispenses cat food at predetermined times, ensuring that your cat gets the right amount of food even in your absence. Built with varying levels of technology, these feeders typically consist of a storage compartment for food, a dispensing mechanism, and a programmable timer or a smart function that allows for scheduled feedings. The goal is to promote healthy feeding habits for your cat and to provide a convenient solution for pet owners who might have a busy schedule or who might be away from home for a period.

There are several types of automatic cat feeders in the market, each offering unique features that cater to specific needs:

  • Gravity feeders: These are the simplest types of automatic feeders. They use the force of gravity to dispense food into a dish as your cat eats. Although they lack portion control, gravity feeders are reliable and great for free-feeding.
  • Timer-based feeders: Equipped with a timer, these feeders dispense food based on the schedule set by the pet owner. They help manage portion control and feeding times but are typically limited to dry food.
  • Electronic feeders: A step up from timer-based feeders, electronic feeders offer more advanced features like programming multiple meals in a day, controlling portion sizes, and sometimes even recording a voice message for your cat.
  • Smart feeders: The most advanced type, smart feeders, can connect to your Wi-Fi and be controlled through an app on your smartphone. You can schedule and adjust feeding times remotely, monitor your pet’s eating habits, and some even come with a built-in camera for real-time viewing.
  • RFID or microchip feeders: Designed for multi-pet homes, these feeders only open for a specific pet, preventing food stealing or overeating. They work by recognizing your pet’s implanted microchip or a unique RFID collar tag.

Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, so understanding these differences will help you find the best automatic cat feeder that fits your and your cat’s lifestyle.

Top 9 Best Automatic Feeders for Cat of 2023 Compared

Navigating the vast selection of automatic cat feeders in 2023 can seem daunting. Our curated list of top 9 picks provides a balanced overview, focusing on innovative features, reliability, and value for money. Through thorough analysis of design, capacity, functionality, user reviews, and hands-on testing, we’ve sorted the standout options from budget to high-tech models. In the sections ahead, we’ll detail the pros, cons, and unique attributes of each feeder, aiding you in finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle and your cat’s needs. Get set to discover your ideal automatic cat feeder!

petlibro plaf006 automatic mullti cat feederPETLIBRO Granary PLAF006169 Oz (5 L)DrySmart
Dual Power
budget friendly gravity cat feeder and watererHipidog Gravity128 Oz (3.8 L)Dry + WaterGravity Powered
No Electricty Required
ipettie donuts frost 6 meal cordless dry wet automatic cat feederiPettie Donuts Frost203 Oz (6 L)Wet & DryCordless
Ice Packs
petory f02 timed automatic cat slow feeder dry foodPetory F02135 Oz (4 L)Dry & Freeze-driedDual Power
Slow Feeding
Voice Recording
petllibro plaf008 battery operated automatic cat feederPETLIBRO PLAF00867 Oz (2 L)Dry, Mix, Freeze-dried, Air-driedDual Power
Small Size
wopet high capacity automatic cat feeder 7lWOPET 7L236 Oz (7 L)DryDual Power
High Capacity
Voice Recording
petlibro granary plaf103 smart automatic cat feeder wifi app control 5PETLIBRO Granary PLAF103169 Oz (5 L)Dry, Freeze-driedSmart
Dual Power
Wi-Fi Connect
App Control
petkit double hopper automatic cat feederPETKIT Fresh Element Gemini169 Oz (5 L)Dry, Mix, Freeze-dried, Air-driedSmart
Dual Power
Double Hoppers
App Control
sureflap surefeed microchip rfid cat feeder 1SureFlap SureFeed13.5 Oz (0.4 L)Wet & DryMicrochip, RFID$$$$

* $ (budget-friendly, $0-$50), $$ (standard, $50-$100), $$$ (premium, $100-$150), $$$$ (luxury, $150-$200+).

1. Best Multi-Cat Automatic Feeder: PETLIBRO Granary PLAF006

PETLIBRO Granary PLAF006 automatic cat feeder for multiple cats

If you’ve got multiple feline friends who are fiercely competitive come feeding time, the PETLIBRO Granary PLAF006 could be your much-needed solution. As the standout in the “Best Multi-Cat Automatic Feeder” category, this PETLIBRO model serves as a dynamic, interactive, and reliable feeding solution for your cats.

Primarily, the feeder’s distinct capability to feed two cats simultaneously is a major selling point. Its adjustable meal splitter serves as a peacekeeper, ensuring even distribution of food to keep your kitties’ territorial tendencies at bay. It’s also armed with a freshness-centric design, including a desiccant bag, sealing strip, and patented rotor. This trio works harmoniously to keep the food as crisp and tantalizing as when it first left the bag.

The user-friendly LED panel and the option to set 1-6 meals daily up to 50 portions per meal allows you to tailor feeding schedules to suit your pets’ needs. With its personalized meal call feature, your pets will feel close to you even when you’re not at home. Dual power supply guarantees your pets will be fed even during power outages, ensuring constant peace of mind.

Detailed features and specifications:

  • Food Capacity & Portion Control: 5L (169 Oz), adjustable meal sizes
  • Dimensions and Weight: 13.6″D x 7.5″W x 7.5″H, 5.31 Pounds
  • Power Source: Dual (5V USB adaptor and battery backup)
  • Meal Scheduling: 1-6 meals daily, up to 50 portions per meal
  • Type of Food: Dry food
  • Ease of Cleaning: Easy, Dishwasher safe
  • Material: Stainless steel bowls
  • Smart Features: LED panel to adjust feeding schedule, monitor battery power
  • Additional Features: Meal splitter, freshness locking, personalized meal call, manual feeding button
Excellent for multi-cat householdsOnly compatible with dry food
Adjustable meal sizes and schedulingLacks top-fill design for easier refills
Dual power supply for reliability
Personalized meal call feature for a touch of home

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Owners of multiple cats consistently rave about the PETLIBRO Granary PLAF006. Users highlight its reliable portion control feature, which is particularly helpful for feline friends on diets. The unit’s battery backup system has earned much praise, as it ensures feeding continues smoothly even in the event of power outages. The majority of users have found the feeder easy to set up and operate, despite some initial learning curve. However, some owners suggested improvements in the device’s lock feature to better resist curious or persistent paws.

Conclusion: The PETLIBRO Granary PLAF006 stands out in its category with its unique features tailored for multiple pets. It is a comprehensive solution for households with multiple cats, prioritizing meal equality and freshness. With its intuitive interface, personalized touch, and assurance of feeding even in power outages, it provides pet owners with the convenience they crave and the consistency their pets need.

Cheaper Alternative Option: WellToBe Automatic Multi-Cat Feeder

WellToBe automatic cat feeder for multiple cats

The WellToBe automatic multi-cat feeder is a budget-friendly alternative to the PETLIBRO model, offering similar functionality like meal scheduling, dual power supply, and voice recording. Though it has a slightly smaller 4L capacity compared to PETLIBRO’s 5L, it offers an anti-clog design and can feed multiple cats. However, PETLIBRO offers an adjustable meal splitter for evenly distributed feeding. Both models provide convenience and peace of mind, but PETLIBRO may be preferable if you require a larger capacity or have multiple pets.

2. Best Budget-Friendly Gravity Cat Feeder and Waterer: Hipidog Gravity Feeder

Budget-Friendly Gravity Cat Feeder and Waterer: Hipidog Gravity Feeder

Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about the tedious task of daily feeding your furry friend. The Hipidog Gravity Feeder and Waterer is a gem in the realm of automatic pet feeders. With its sleek, modern design, and dual functionality of offering both food and water, this feeder is a winning choice for cat owners who value convenience and style. With a large capacity of 1 gallon, it ensures your feline friend will always have enough food and water supply, even when you’re not around.

Its gravity-feeding system takes the stress out of regular feeding, automatically refilling both food and water as needed. It’s a brilliant tool for those who have to work long hours or travel, ensuring your cats never go hungry or thirsty. Additionally, its eco-friendly design doesn’t require any electricity, making it a versatile feeder that you can set up anywhere in your home.

The feeder also comes with features such as a Big Mouth design that prevents food from getting stuck during dispensing, and a siphon device that automatically stops water flow when it reaches a certain level, reducing the chances of water leakage. Your cat’s feeding experience will be smooth, easy, and always satisfactory. The Hipidog Gravity Feeder and Waterer aren’t just another set of pet accessories, but a solution to making feeding times simpler and efficient.

Detailed features and specifications:

  • Food Capacity & Portion Control: 3.8L (128 Oz)
  • Dimensions and Weight: 12.6″D x 12.6″W x 8.27″H, 2.98 Pounds
  • Power Source: Gravity-powered. No electricity required
  • Meal Scheduling: Not applicable as the gravity system ensures a continuous supply of food
  • Type of Food: Dry food
  • Ease of Cleaning: Easy to disassemble and clean by hand
  • Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Smart Features: No
  • Additional Features: Non-slip rubber feet ensure the feeder stays in place
Hassle-free feeding and watering with automatic refills.Only suitable for dry food.
No need for electricity, making it ideal for various environments.No option to control portion size, which could lead to overeating.
Large food and water capacity reduces the need for frequent refilling.
Wide-mouth design prevents food jamming.
Siphon device effectively controls water flow to prevent leakage.

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Users highly rate the Hipidog Gravity Feeder and Waterer for its convenience and ease of use. It’s praised for its durable design, ample capacity, and its practical gravity-feeding mechanism. However, some users have pointed out that the system may not refill food promptly, and the food bowl cannot be cleaned separately unless the storage tank is emptied first.

Conclusion: For cat owners seeking an economical and convenient feeding solution, the Hipidog Gravity Feeder and Waterer is an excellent choice. With its generous capacity and gravity-powered system, it ensures a continuous supply of food and water for your furry friend. It’s an ideal solution for pet parents on the go, those with multiple pets, or simply those who want to ensure their pets always have access to fresh food and water.

3. Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food: iPettie Donuts Frost

iPettie Donuts Frost cordless dry and wet automatic cat feeder

Ever felt guilty about leaving your feline friend home while you rush off to a hectic day at work? Now you can breathe a sigh of relief with the iPettie Donuts Frost – the automatic cat feeder revolutionizing the way we cater to our cats’ dietary needs. It’s an innovative product designed for busy cat owners who worry about keeping their furry friends fed and content in their absence.

This cat feeder stands out with its unique ice pack feature, ensuring the freshness of the food for a 6-8 hour duration. Whether you prefer feeding wet food, dry food, or a mix of both, the iPettie Donuts Frost caters to all your preferences. Six compartments each holding 1/2lb of food, can be scheduled for different feeding times throughout the day. It’s the ideal solution if you have to be away for longer periods, ensuring that your pet doesn’t miss a meal.

Boasting a cordless design powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days on a single charge, you can place it anywhere in your home without worrying about your pet knocking it over or tripping over wires. Let’s not forget the carefully engineered paw protection mechanism to prevent any unwanted accidents during feeding times. The iPettie Donuts Frost is a great balance of thoughtful design, innovative features, and practicality that sets it apart in its category.

Detailed features and specifications:

  • Food Capacity & Portion Control: Holds up to 6 x 1/2 lb. meals
  • Dimensions and Weight: 12.6″D x 12.6″W x 3.2″H, 5.25 Pounds
  • Power Source: Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Meal Scheduling: 1-6 meals daily, up to 50 portions per meal
  • Type of Food: Suitable for both wet and dry food
  • Ease of Cleaning: Easy. The food tray is dishwasher safe
  • Material: BPA-free ABS plastic
  • Smart Features: Includes a battery level indicator light
  • Additional Features: Comes with two ice packs to keep the food fresh, a paw protection mechanism, and non-slip mats for stability
Ice pack feature to keep food freshThe feeder is quite large, so it may not fit in tight spaces
Cordless and portableThe meal scheduling process can be tricky to set up
Long battery life of up to 30 daysThe alert sound when food is dispensed is quite low and may not catch your cat’s attention
Six meal compartments, enabling diverse meal planning
Paw protection mechanism for safety

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Many users appreciate its capacity to feed their pets consistently, even when they’re not around. The long battery life and cordless feature stand out, providing convenience for pet owners. However, some customers find the feeder’s programming process somewhat complicated. Although the device is considered large for some users, most praise its design and the quantity of food it can hold.

Conclusion: The iPettie Donuts Frost cat feeder offers a promising solution for busy cat owners. With unique features like the ice packs to keep the food fresh and a large battery life, it provides convenience and peace of mind. While it may have a few minor drawbacks, such as the size and complexity of setting it up, its advantages far outweigh these issues. This cat feeder is a testament to how technology and innovation can simplify pet care.

Pricier Alternative Option with smart Capabilities: Catit PIXI

Catit PIXI Smart 6-Meal Wet Food Automatic Cat Feeder with App Support

The Catit PIXI Smart 6-Meal Feeder, though pricier than the iPettie Donuts Frost Feeder, offers smart features including meal scheduling, monitoring via an app, and handy push notifications for meal serving and refilling. Both have 6 meal compartments and cooling elements to keep food fresh. While iPettie operates cordlessly with a rechargeable battery, Catit PIXI is corded with a backup battery option. The higher cost of the Catit PIXI is reflective of its advanced smart capabilities, making it a valuable choice for those seeking detailed feeding control and updates.

4. Best Slow-Feeding Automatic Cat Feeder: Petory F02

Petory F02 Timed Automatic Cat Slow Feeder for Dry Food

The Petory F02 truly stands out as an excellent slow-feeding automatic cat feeder. When we think of our feline companions, we strive for a solution that caters to their unique eating habits. The Petory F02 is designed keeping just that in mind. Its prominent feature is the customized feeding schedule, enabling you to plan up to 6 meals a day. This cat feeder ensures that your cat’s health and feeding needs are prioritized. The slow feed option is particularly beneficial, especially for cats that eat too quickly or have diabetes, as it helps regulate their meal intake.

A feature that you might find impressive is its long-lasting storage. The Petory F02 boasts a capacity of 4L, which is sufficient to feed your cat for a stretch of 20 days. What’s more, this feeder is designed to keep food fresh with its desiccant bag, sealing ring, and sealed rotor. The feeder’s program memory is another notable attribute. Even if the feeder is unplugged, your set program remains intact, providing peace of mind.

An impressive trait that you would appreciate is its mechanism to deal with food getting stuck. The rotor is engineered to reverse automatically, enabling the food to fall and then return to its original state. This mechanism ensures your cat will never miss a meal, no matter the type of food you’re using.

Detailed features and specifications:

  • Food Capacity & Portion Control: 4L (135 Oz), 6 meals/day, 0.5 cups/meal (1/10 cup per portion)
  • Dimensions and Weight: 7.72″D x 7.72″W x 13.9″H, 5.03 Pounds
  • Power Source: Dual (5V USB adaptor and battery backup). 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Meal Scheduling: Yes, allows for customized feeding schedules
  • Type of Food: Dry food & Freeze-dried food ranging from 0.2-0.6 inches
  • Ease of Cleaning: Easy, Dishwasher safe
  • Material: Stainless steel bowl
  • Smart Features: Has internal memory to retain programming when unplugged
  • Additional Features: Slow feeding mode, voice recording, anti-jam mechanism
Customizable feeding scheduleDifficulty unlocking the operation panel
Slow feed option for controlled feedingThe voice recording feature may not be of use for all pets
Long-lasting food storage capacity
Auto-reversing rotor prevents food jam
Dual power source

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Users have generally found the Petory F02 feeder highly effective. Many were impressed by its large capacity, reliable operation, and the slow feeding feature. Customers noted its suitability for cats that eat too quickly or need portion control. While the instructions were seen as somewhat complex, users managed to navigate them successfully. Some had minor issues with the lock feature, but overall, the feeder received positive feedback for its functionality and convenience.

Conclusion: The Petory F02 is a notable contender for the best slow-feeding automatic cat feeder. With its diverse range of features such as customizable scheduling, slow feeding options, and substantial capacity, it provides a stress-free feeding solution for your cat. Despite minor challenges with the instructions and lock feature, it still delivers reliable functionality and ensures that your pet will always have access to fresh, portion-controlled meals on time, every time.

5. Best Small, Battery-Operated Automatic Cat Feeder: PETLIBRO AIR PLAF008

PETLIBRO AIR PLAF008 Battery-Operated Automatic Cat Feeder

Leading the “Best Small Battery-Operated Automatic Cat Feeder” category, the PETLIBRO AIR offers unparalleled convenience. With a remarkable 180-day battery life, it guarantees a reliable feeding schedule for your pet, perfect for those on the move or in compact living spaces. And, its cordless feature is a real advantage for those whose feeding area lacks nearby plug points.

However, its compact size means it might not be the first choice for multi-cat households or for owners who need to leave their pets for longer periods. Despite this, PETLIBRO AIR PLAF008 offers an ideal solution for single cat households, particularly those conscious of space and portability.

What sets it apart is its thoughtful design. The “naughty paw-proof” mechanism protects your pet from overeating by securing the food tank and control panel. This assures a healthy diet schedule, preventing overeating related issues. Moreover, its sleek, modern design seamlessly integrates into any home decor. For those seeking a blend of convenience, control over their pet’s diet, and aesthetics, PETLIBRO AIR PLAF008 is an excellent choice.

Detailed features and specifications:

  • Food Capacity & Portion Control: 4L (135 Oz), 6 meals/day, 0.5 cups/meal (1/10 cup per portion)
  • Dimensions and Weight: 10.4″D x 7.1″W x 12.2″H, 2.91 Pounds
  • Power Source: Dual (USB type C and battery). 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Meal Scheduling: The feeder can dispense up to 6 meals per day at preset times
  • Type of Food: Dry, Mixed, Freeze-dried, Air-dried food ranging from 0.08-0.6 inches
  • Ease of Cleaning: Easy, Dishwasher safe
  • Material: Stainless steel bowl, ABS container
  • Smart Features: It includes a smart status indicator for low food or battery levels
  • Additional Features: This feeder has a button protection panel, sealed rotor structure, and food portion control
Press-to-lock lid ensures food safetyDigital clock display might be hard to see for some users.
Dual power mode provides flexibility and long battery life
Can schedule up to 6 meals a day for portion control
Compatible with a variety of food types
Easy to clean and maintain

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Customers appreciate the PETLIBRO AIR for its sleek design and impressive functionality. Its portion control feature has helped many cat owners manage their pets’ dietary habits effectively, improving their overall health. The press-to-lock lid and control panel cover have proven useful in preventing pets from altering the feeding schedule or accessing extra food. Despite minor issues, such as difficulty viewing the digital clock and the low bowl position, the majority of users found the product reliable and worth the price.

Conclusion: The PETLIBRO AIR stands out in its category as a reliable, small, portable, cordless automatic cat feeder. Its robust construction and thoughtful features offer a balance of convenience, control, and versatility, supporting pet owners in maintaining their pets’ health. Though there are minor areas for improvement, its overall performance and value for money make it a commendable choice for anyone.

6. Best High-Capacity Automatic Cat Feeder: WOPET 7L

WOPET 7L High Capacity Automatic Cat Feeder

When it comes to a robust and reliable automatic cat feeder, the WOPET F01 7L stands out for its practicality and abundance of features. You can tell it’s been designed with your feline companion in mind, providing feeding solutions that are both beneficial to you and delightful for your cat. This machine is your pet’s faithful friend, always ready to serve up a perfectly portioned meal whenever it’s feeding time.

Being a tech-forward pet feeder, the WOPET F01 7L allows you to schedule up to four automatic feedings a day. This high-capacity automatic cat feeder can be easily programmed using its user-friendly LCD screen, ensuring that your cat maintains regular eating routines throughout the day. It also means that you can leave for work or plan a short trip with the peace of mind that your furry friend won’t miss a meal.

But this machine is more than just a feeding machine. The WOPET F01 7L offers an innovative feature that lets you record a personal message for your cat. This means that every time it’s feeding time, your pet hears a familiar voice calling it to its delicious meal. A personal touch like this sets this product apart from others, turning meal times into a heartwarming experience.

Detailed features and specifications:

  • Food Capacity & Portion Control: 7L (236 Oz), 4 meals/day, 10 to 390g per feeding
  • Dimensions and Weight: 9.8″D x 15.3″W x 13.7″H, 6 Pounds
  • Power Source: Dual (AC adapter and battery). 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Meal Scheduling: Allows you to program up to 4 meals per day at preset times
  • Type of Food: Dry food ranging from 0.2-0.6 inches
  • Ease of Cleaning: Easy, Dishwasher safe removable hygienic feeding tray
  • Material: Plastic
  • Smart Features: Has an LCD screen for easy programming and voice recording feature
  • Additional Features: Includes an infrared detection technology to prevent food spillage and jamming
High capacity food storage (7L)Only suitable for dry food
Customizable feeding scheduleCan be a little bulky for smaller spaces
Dual power source (wall and battery power)
Personal voice recording feature
Infrared detection to prevent food spillage and jamming

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Users rave about the WOPET F01 7L’s ability to maintain their cats’ feeding schedules while they’re away, with many noting its reliable operation even during power outages. They also highlight the helpful voice recording feature, which keeps their pets excited about meal times. A few users mention that it’s a bit bulky and could benefit from a backlit display, but the overall consensus is that it’s an excellent investment for their pets’ well-being.

Conclusion: The WOPET F01 7L stands out in the high-capacity automatic cat feeder category for its impressive food capacity, customizable portion control, and thoughtful features like voice recording. Its commitment to simplifying pet-feeding routines and ensuring the dietary health of your feline friend makes it an excellent choice. And with a responsive customer service team to back it up, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve made a worthy investment for your pet.

7. Best Smart Automatic Cat Feeder with App Control: PETLIBRO Granary PLAF103

PETLIBRO Granary PLAF103 Smart Automatic Cat Feeder with App Control

With the rise of smart home gadgets, the PETLIBRO Granary PLAF103 has set a new standard in the category of smart automatic cat feeders with app control. With its versatile features and robust build, it aims to address the unique needs of today’s busy pet owners.

PETLIBRO has integrated some of the most advanced features into a compact, user-friendly design that guarantees ease of use, while also ensuring that your pets enjoy their meals on time, every time. What’s striking about the Granary PLAF103 is how it seamlessly combines functionality with a clear understanding of what pet owners and their furry companions need. Its innovative rotor system, twist-lock lid, and built-in desiccant bag, for example, ensure that the food remains fresh and crunchy, just the way your cat likes it.

It’s not just the ease of use that’s impressive, but also the sophisticated technology behind the scenes. The WiFi connectivity allows for remote programming and monitoring via the PETLIBRO app. The smart notifications and indicators give peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be alerted if there’s a problem such as low food, jamming, or a low battery.

Detailed features and specifications:

  • Food Capacity & Portion Control: 5L (236 Oz), 10 meals/day, 1-50 portions per meal, 20g portions
  • Dimensions and Weight: 13.78″D x 12.99″W x 7.48″H, 4.41 Pounds
  • Power Source: Dual (5V USB and battery). 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Meal Scheduling: Yes, via the PETLIBRO App
  • Type of Food: Dry & freeze-dried food ranging from 0.07-0.5 inches
  • Ease of Cleaning: Easy, Dishwasher safe bowl, Removable parts ensure thorough cleaning
  • Material: Stainless steel bowl, BPA-free Plastic container
  • Smart Features: Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone control, smart notifications
  • Additional Features: Meal call voice recording, manual feeding option
Large food capacity and portion controlOnly suitable for dry food
Dual power source for reliability
Wi-Fi-enabled with a user-friendly app
Allows meal call recording

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Many users have praised the PETLIBRO Granary PLAF103 for its user-friendly setup and app control, the convenience of scheduled feeding, and its secure design preventing unwanted wildlife access. However, some users have noted a potential for overflow with larger portions and the lack of a meal skipping option. Despite these minor criticisms, most users have reported being highly satisfied with the product’s functionality and convenience.

Conclusion: The PETLIBRO Granary PLAF103 Automatic Cat Feeder is a compelling choice for anyone seeking a reliable, smart, and user-friendly pet feeding solution. Its combination of convenience, advanced features, and thoughtful design elements make it an excellent investment for the modern pet owner. While it may have a few minor drawbacks, its benefits far outweigh them, making it an excellent choice for those looking to simplify their pet care routines while also ensuring their pets’ health and well-being.

Pricier Alternative Option with Built-in Camera & Two-way Audio: PETLIBRO Granary PLAF203

PETLIBRO Granary PLAF203 Smart Automatic Cat Feeder with Built-in Camera & Two-way Audio

The PETLIBRO PLAF203 is an upgraded version of the PLAF103 smart cat feeder, equipped with significant enhancements. This model retains all the well-loved features of its predecessor, but also includes a smart camera with 1080P HD Video, Night Vision, and a 145 degrees wide-angle view. You can monitor your pet’s diet from afar, communicate with them through two-way audio, and even set personalized meal calls. Additional features include motion and sound detection alerts, low food/battery notifications, and automatic video storage for your pet’s eating habits. This device ensures your pet’s well-being while offering peace of mind when you’re away.

8. Best Dual-Compartment Automatic Cat Feeder: PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini

PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini Double Hopper

The PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini Double Hopper is an incredible asset for any cat owner, particularly those juggling different dietary needs for their pets. It has been designed with a unique dual-hopper feature, ensuring that two different types of food can be stored and dispensed separately, an excellent solution for diverse dietary needs. With a combined capacity of 5.5 lbs, you’re covered for an entire month’s feeding for an adult cat. Notably, you can customize your pet’s diet, providing a wholesome mix of dry, freeze-dried, or air-dried food, making it an ideal feeder for picky eaters or those requiring a special diet.

The smart PETKIT App allows you to control and monitor your pet’s feeding schedule, giving you real-time data on your pet’s eating habits. Even when offline, the feeder maintains its schedule, reassuring you that your cat won’t miss a meal. This feeder boasts a quadruple sealing structure, ensuring that the food remains fresh, and a child lock feature to avoid accidental spills. With 304 stainless steel food bowl, you won’t have to worry about cleanliness.

The PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini’s thoughtful design incorporates an easy-to-clean feature, making pet care simple. Traveling or having a long sleep-in won’t be a concern anymore, as your furry friend’s feeding is taken care of.

Detailed features and specifications:

  • Food Capacity & Portion Control: 5L (3L+2L) capacity for storing different types of food separately
  • Dimensions and Weight: 10″D x 12″W x 12″H, 7.35 Pounds
  • Power Source: Dual (AC adapter and battery). 4D batteries (not included)
  • Meal Scheduling: Yes, via the PETKIT App
  • Type of Food: Dry, Mixed Dry, Freeze-dried, Air-Dried food ≤ 0.5 inches
  • Ease of Cleaning: Removable and easy to clean
  • Material: Stainless steel bowl, Plastic container
  • Smart Features: PETKIT App control for feeding schedules and real-time monitoring
  • Additional Features: Double hoppers, anti-jam mechanism, desiccant box to keep food fresh
Unique double hopper design for different food typesDependency on Wi-Fi for App control
Smart App control for monitoring and scheduling feeding timesPower cord can easily slide out
Large capacity (5L) sufficient for an adult cat for 30 days
Dual power system ensuring uninterrupted feeding
Bowl made from durable and clean stainless steel

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Many users have appreciated the versatility of the PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini Double Hopper. People found that their cats easily adapted to the feeder’s presence and that the feeder’s scheduling capability greatly helped maintain their pets’ dietary needs. It has been hailed as a blessing for multi-cat homes due to its ability to control portion sizes and serve different types of food. Users also praise the convenient app control and real-time monitoring features.

Conclusion: The PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini Double Hopper stands out in the category of dual-compartment automatic cat feeders. With its sizable capacity, smart features, and convenience, it significantly eases the process of managing your pet’s diet, whether you’re at home or on the go. While there are a few considerations, such as reliance on Wi-Fi and the power cord design, the benefits it offers make it a solid choice for any pet parent.

9. Best RFID-Enabled Automatic Cat Feeder: SureFlap SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFlap SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

For the cat owner who demands excellence in feline nutrition management, the SureFlap SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is your savior. This automatic cat feeder shines in its category due to its ingenious RFID technology, making mealtime stress-free even in multi-pet households. With its ability to work with your pet’s existing microchip or a lightweight RFID collar tag, it ensures that each of your feline friends only consumes their designated meal.

The feeder holds a sufficient 13.5 fl. oz of either wet or dry food, offering flexibility in diet and the lid seals well, preserving freshness and enticing even the most finicky of eaters. Importantly, the capacity and design reduce the need for frequent refills. With its advanced microchip compatibility, it covers a broad range of chip numbers and opens only when the assigned pet’s ID is near. This smart technology helps prevent overeating and reduces the risk of food conflicts among pets. It’s a relief for households with pets having specific dietary needs or prescription diets, aiding in portion control and preventing food stealing.

SureFeed is not only a tech-savvy feeding solution but also a reliable ally in maintaining your pets’ health, contributing to their overall wellbeing and longevity.

Recommended by veterinarians, this feeder showcases the potential of technology in streamlining pet care, making it a top choice for the tech-forward cat owner who values both convenience and health benefits.

Detailed features and specifications:

  • Food Capacity & Portion Control: Holds 13.5 fl. oz. of either wet or dry pet food
  • Dimensions and Weight: 12.2″D x 9.06″W x 8.46″H, 3.28 Pounds
  • Power Source: Requires 4 C batteries (not included)
  • Meal Scheduling: No explicit scheduling feature, opens only when the assigned pet’s microchip ID is near
  • Type of Food: Suitable for both wet and dry food
  • Ease of Cleaning: Parts are easy to remove and clean
  • Material: BPA-free plastic bowl. Stainless steel bowls available but sold separately
  • Smart Features: Microchip and RFID compatibility for selective feeding
  • Additional Features: Lid closes to seal food, keeping it fresh. Includes one RFID collar tag
Microchip and RFID compatibility for selective feedingRequires batteries, not included
Suitable for both wet and dry food
Lid closes to keep food fresh
Helps with portion control and prevents food stealing
Includes a three-year warranty

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

The SureFlap SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder has garnered positive feedback from cat owners. Many appreciate its microchip-based selective feeding capability which has been a game-changer in multi-cat households. Customers commend the feeder’s ability to accommodate both wet and dry food, preserving its freshness, and preventing food theft. However, some users have expressed wishes for an explicit scheduling feature and inclusion of batteries.

Conclusion: The SureFlap SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder provides a tech-forward solution to manage your cats’ diets. Its unique microchip compatibility eliminates stress during feeding times and aids in portion control, contributing to overall feline health. While it lacks an explicit meal scheduling feature and needs separately purchased batteries, its advantages outweigh these minor setbacks. This automatic cat feeder is a solid choice for anyone seeking to streamline meal management for their pets.

Pricier Alternative Option with Smart Features: SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect with App

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect with app control

The upgraded SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect is an enhanced smart feeder variant of the original SureFeed model. It incorporates intelligent monitoring features to track your pet’s eating patterns and accurately measure food portions, ensuring dietary precision especially for overweight cats or those with medical conditions. This model connects to the Sure Petcare app (Hub required and sold separately), enabling you to set portion sizes and observe changes in feeding habits. Like the predecessor, it operates using microchip access, and holds 13.5 fl. oz of either wet or dry food. It’s more expensive, but the added smart features warrant the cost.

How to Choose the Best Automatic Cat Feeder: Factors to Consider

Choosing the perfect automatic cat feeder involves considering several factors that influence your cat’s feeding needs and your lifestyle. Here, we delve into each of these crucial considerations in depth.

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of an automatic cat feeder are critical factors to consider. Think about your cat’s dietary needs and your own schedule. If you have a single small cat that eats small meals and you are at home most days, a feeder with a smaller capacity may suffice. For example, a feeder that can hold up to three pounds of dry food might be adequate.

However, for multi-cat households or larger cats, you’ll need a feeder with a larger capacity. Imagine you’re going away for the weekend, leaving your two Maine Coons at home. A feeder that can hold up to 10 pounds of food would be more suitable to ensure they have enough food for the duration of your absence.

Power Source

Automatic cat feeders operate on different power sources, and each comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Battery-powered feeders offer flexibility in placement as they do not need to be near a power outlet. They’re also unaffected by power outages. However, batteries can run out of charge, so it’s essential to check them regularly or opt for a model that provides a low-battery indicator.

Electrically powered feeders, on the other hand, require a wall outlet but eliminate the need for battery replacements. Some models offer a battery backup system for power outages, providing the best of both worlds.

Ultimately, your decision might depend on where you plan to place the feeder and whether frequent battery changes would be inconvenient for you.

Timer Functionality

The timer functionality is a crucial feature of an automatic cat feeder. A reliable timer ensures your cat gets fed at the right intervals, especially important for cats with dietary restrictions or medical conditions like diabetes.

For instance, you might need to ensure your cat eats multiple small meals a day to avoid overeating and maintain a steady glucose level. In this case, a feeder with a timer that allows for multiple daily feedings would be vital.

Food Compatibility

Lastly, consider the type of food your cat eats when choosing an automatic feeder. Not all feeders are compatible with both dry and wet food.

Dry food feeders are the most common and tend to be simpler in design. They can handle a variety of kibble sizes and are generally easier to clean and maintain.

Wet food feeders have more specific requirements, including a need for refrigeration to keep the food fresh. These feeders often come with a sealed compartment and a built-in cooling system, like the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, to ensure the food stays fresh until mealtime.

If your cat enjoys a mixed diet, consider a feeder that accommodates both types of food.

Advanced High-Tech Features

Today’s automatic cat feeders are no longer simple devices that dispense a set amount of food at specified times. They have evolved to incorporate advanced features that allow for a more personalized and convenient feeding experience. Here are some key advanced features to consider:

  1. Smart Feeder Capabilities: Some feeders connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to control and monitor feeding times and portions right from your device. This offers you an unmatched level of flexibility and control over your cat’s feeding routine.
  2. Camera Function: A feeder equipped with a camera can allow you to monitor your pet’s eating habits in real time, offering an added level of surveillance. This can be especially helpful if you’re away from home and want to keep an eye on your furry friend.
  3. RFID or Microchip Compatibility: Some automatic feeders are designed to recognize your cat’s microchip or RFID-tagged collar, allowing them to only open for a specific pet. This can be an essential feature if you have multiple pets and need to prevent food stealing or ensure a specific diet for a particular cat.
  4. Voice Recording Feature: Some feeders allow you to record a short message for your pet. This can be played each time food is dispensed, providing a familiar voice that can comfort your cat when it’s feeding time.
  5. Two-Way Audio: An innovative feature found in some smart cat feeders is two-way audio communication. This allows you to interact with your pet even when you’re not home, delivering reassurances or just a friendly “hello”. This interactive feature brings an additional level of comfort and connection.
  6. Battery Backup: While many automatic feeders are mains-powered, a feeder with a battery backup can be a lifesaver in the event of a power outage, ensuring that your cat’s feeding schedule remains uninterrupted.

When choosing an automatic cat feeder, consider which of these features are most important to you and your pet. Keep in mind that feeders with more advanced features will likely be more expensive, so be sure to weigh the benefits against the cost. However, the added convenience and peace of mind these features provide can often be well worth the investment.

By taking into account these crucial considerations, you can ensure that you’re choosing the best automatic cat feeder to meet the unique needs of both you and your feline friend.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Automatic Cat Feeders

Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of automatic cat feeders is integral to deciding whether investing in one is the right choice for you and your feline friend. Here, we delve into the pros and cons to provide you with a balanced perspective.

Are Automatic Cat Feeders Any Good?

Undoubtedly, automatic cat feeders bring numerous benefits to both pet owners and their furry companions. They serve as an invaluable tool for managing your cat’s diet and your time. Here’s why:

  • Convenience: Do you find it challenging to wake up early in the morning just to feed your cat? Or do you often work late and worry about your cat missing their dinner? Automatic cat feeders can alleviate these concerns. A personal story from Lisa, a nurse working erratic hours, tells us that her automatic feeder gave her peace of mind knowing her cat, Whiskers, was fed on time, despite her unpredictable schedule.
  • Special Dietary Needs: Cats with health issues that require multiple small meals a day can greatly benefit from an automatic feeder. Susan, a proud owner of a diabetic cat named Paws, said the automatic feeder made managing Paws’ strict feeding schedule much easier and helped maintain Paws’ blood sugar levels.
  • Controlled Portions: Overfeeding can lead to obesity in cats, which is linked to health issues like diabetes and arthritis. An automatic feeder ensures your cat gets the right amount of food at each meal. To learn more about proper portion sizes and feeding schedules, visit our comprehensive guide on how much you should feed your cat.

Recent research suggests that calorie restriction in cats can affect their feeding behaviors, leading to faster eating and increased food anticipation. Strategies such as dividing daily meals can help manage these behavioral changes. While not directly mentioned, automatic cat feeders can effectively implement these strategies, controlling portion sizes and meal frequency.

What Are the Cons of Automatic Cat Feeders?

Despite their numerous advantages, automatic cat feeders do have potential downsides that are worth considering:

  • Power Failures: If the feeder relies on electricity, a power outage could disrupt the feeding schedule. However, this can be mitigated by opting for a feeder with a battery backup.
  • Mechanical Malfunctions: Like any machine, automatic feeders can experience technical glitches, potentially leading to overfeeding or underfeeding. Regularly checking and maintaining your feeder can help prevent these issues.
  • Cost: High-quality automatic feeders with advanced features like cooling systems or WiFi connectivity can be costly. But considering the convenience and peace of mind they offer, many pet owners find them to be a worthy investment.
Benefits of Automatic Cat FeedersDrawbacks of Automatic Cat Feeders
Controlled portions to prevent overfeeding and obesityPotential for power failures disrupting feeding
Convenience for feeding on schedule, even in your absencePossible mechanical malfunctions leading to over or underfeeding
Ability to manage special dietary needs for multiple small mealsThe cost can be high for advanced features
Reduces stress for cats by ensuring meals are served on timeSome models don’t accommodate wet food, which can be a problem if your cat has specific dietary requirements
Allows for better weight management in cats, supporting healthier livesLearning curve: Some cats may take time to adapt to automatic feeders
Can accommodate multiple pets: Some feeders can feed more than one petMaintenance: Cleaning and maintenance can be challenging with certain models

In summary, automatic cat feeders present both benefits and drawbacks, but with mindful selection and regular maintenance, they can be a fantastic tool to enhance your cat’s dietary health and your convenience.

Common Questions about Automatic Cat Feeders

Are automatic cat feeders worth it?

Automatic cat feeders are highly beneficial tools for maintaining consistent feeding schedules for your cats, especially if your routine involves being away from home frequently. They provide excellent portion control and can prevent overeating, contributing positively to your cat’s overall health and wellness.

For how many days can an automatic cat feeder provide food?

The duration for which an automatic cat feeder can sustainably provide food relies heavily on its food storage capacity and the dietary needs of your cat. Feeders with larger storage can last several days. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the stored food remains fresh and suitable for your pet’s consumption over this period.

How often should I feed my cat with an automatic feeder?

The feeding frequency depends on your cat’s age, health, and specific dietary needs. Generally, adult cats are fed twice a day, but kittens need more frequent meals. Consult your vet for an appropriate feeding schedule and set your automatic feeder accordingly.

Can I leave my cat alone for 2 days with an automatic feeder?

Absolutely, with a reliable automatic feeder and appropriately portioned meals, your cat can manage being alone for two days. However, it’s crucial to provide sufficient fresh water and maintain a clean litter box. For extended absences, consider employing additional strategies for leaving your cat alone, like cat-sitting or boarding services.

Will an automatic cat feeder stop my cat from waking me up?

An automatic cat feeder could indeed mitigate your cat’s early morning wake-up calls. By setting the feeder to dispense food in the early hours, you can satisfy your cat’s hunger without having to get out of bed. Over time, your cat should adjust to the feeder’s schedule, allowing you to sleep undisturbed.

How many portions should an automatic cat feeder have?

The number of portions an automatic cat feeder should have depends on your cat’s dietary needs. Typically, cats should be fed small, frequent meals throughout the day. A feeder capable of dispensing four to six portions daily is often sufficient, but ensure it aligns with your vet’s dietary advice.

Do cats benefit from automatic feeders with slow feeding features?

Yes, slow feeding mechanisms in automatic feeders can greatly benefit cats. They regulate the pace of food delivery, discouraging fast eating. This can prevent overeating and minimize digestive problems like vomiting and bloating. They are particularly useful for cats prone to rapid eating or those struggling with obesity.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Choosing the right automatic cat feeder can greatly improve the quality of life for both you and your feline friend. It ensures your pet is fed consistently and healthily, even when you’re not at home, and it provides peace of mind for you, knowing that your cat is well taken care of.

From considering the food capacity and type of power source to evaluating advanced smart features, each aspect contributes to making the automatic feeder a reliable companion for your pet’s dietary needs. Remember, the best automatic cat feeder is not necessarily the one with the most features or the highest price tag. Instead, it’s the one that best fits your cat’s dietary needs, your schedule, and your personal preferences.

While we have listed some of the best automatic cat feeders available in the market, it’s vital that you understand the unique requirements of your pet and your own lifestyle to make an informed decision. The perfect feeder for you could be a simple one that dispenses dry food twice a day, or it could be a high-tech smart feeder with WiFi connectivity and camera functionality.

As you make your decision, we encourage you to keep this guide handy, referencing it as you consider your options and evaluate different products. An automatic cat feeder is more than just a purchase—it’s an investment in your cat’s health and happiness.

We hope this guide has provided valuable insight to help you navigate the myriad of choices out there. Remember, the comfort and well-being of your beloved pet are paramount. Happy shopping, and here’s to a healthier, happier pet!

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