XXL Lekereise Cat Backpack Carrier Review

XXL Lekereise Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable Review

Are you on the hunt for the perfect travel solution for your large cat or Maine Coon? The XXL Lekereise Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable might just be the answer! In 2023, this spacious and versatile carrier is making waves among adventurous felines and their owners. But is it the right choice for you and your furry friend? Join us as we put it to the test, exploring its features, comfort, and adaptability. Dive into our in-depth, hands-on review and discover if this is the ultimate cat backpack your whiskered companion has been waiting for.

Lekereise XXL Cat Backpack Carrier: Our Verdict

Laurent J.

XXL Lekereise Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable for large cats
Good value, but room for improvement.
Easy access and expandability.
Great design, but lacks car fastening options.
Value for money
Ease of use

Backpack Details

Recommended for: Car, Hiking, Camping, Large cats
Materials: Polyester
XX-Large Dimensions: 14″L x 12.5″W x 16.2″H
Expanded Dimensions: 24.4″L x 12.5″W x  x 16.2″H
Folded Dimensions: 15.7″L x 13″W x  x 3.9″H
Maximum Weight: For cats of up to 22 lbs
Color Options: Blue, Grey, Pink

SpaciousZippers may stick
ExpandableLacks car fastening
ComfortableLimited padding
Multiple openings

Full Product Review

The Lekereise XXL Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable is designed for feline explorers and their humans, providing ample space and comfort for cats up to 22 pounds. With its thoughtful design and expandable feature, this carrier aims to make traveling, hiking, and daily walks with your cat a breeze. Let’s dive into its key features and see if it lives up to the hype.

Durability and materials

Constructed with quality polyester and anti-scratch mesh, the Lekereise cat backpack is designed to withstand the wear and tear of traveling with your furry companion. The carrier is sturdy and safe, with plastic piping around the edges and a bottom board to maintain its shape.

Comfort and space

The Lekereise Cat Backpack Carrier is designed to accommodate cats of various sizes and weights. The available sizes are L (21.7″L x 13″W x 15″H) suitable for cats up to 13 lbs, XL (23.6″L x 13.4″W x 15″H) for cats up to 18 lbs, and XXL (14″L x 12.5″W x 16.2″H) perfect for larger cats up to 22 lbs. The XXL size ensures your feline friend has ample room to move around. Each carrier includes two removable, soft mats for added comfort, and the expandable back panel allows for even more space for your cat to stretch out and relax. No matter the size or weight of your furry companion, there’s a perfect fit for their traveling needs.

Ventilation and visibility

Four to seven tear-resistant mesh windows on the front, top, and sides of the backpack offer excellent ventilation, ensuring that your cat stays cool and comfortable. The mesh windows also provide visibility, so you can keep an eye on your pet while they enjoy the view.

Safety features

The Lekereise cat backpack has a built-in safety leash to prevent your cat from escaping, ensuring their safety during your travels. Additionally, the carrier features a reflective strip for increased visibility at night.

Versatility and adaptability

Designed for various activities like car rides, hiking, camping, and city walks, the Lekereise cat backpack is suitable for different environments. The adjustable shoulder straps and chest buckle provide a comfortable fit for the wearer.

Extra Features

This backpack carrier boasts multiple entrances (front, back, and top), making it easy to load your large cat in and out. The expandable and foldable design allows for convenient storage when not in use. With side pockets for pet supplies and a removable, washable mat, the Lekereise cat backpack has thought of everything.

In summary, the Lekereise XXL Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable offers an impressive array of features designed to make your cat’s adventures more enjoyable. Although there is some room for improvement, such as the addition of car fastening options and more padding, it is a solid option for feline explorers and their humans.

Customer Reviews

Many customers have shared their experiences with the Lekereise XXL Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable. Let’s analyze their feedback and compare their pros and cons to our findings.

Positive Features

  1. Customers appreciate the ample space the carrier provides, accommodating larger cats and offering plenty of room for them to move around.
  2. The expandable feature is praised for giving cats additional space to relax, reducing anxiety during travel.
  3. The backpack’s multiple entrances make it easy to load cats in and out of the carrier.
  4. Users find the side pockets useful for carrying pet supplies, cell phones, or snacks.
  5. The carrier’s breathable mesh windows offer excellent ventilation and visibility, keeping cats comfortable and allowing owners to keep an eye on their pets.

Negative Features

  1. Some customers reported issues with the zippers getting stuck easily, which can be annoying.
  2. A few customers found the backpack lacking sufficient padding and support, causing it to sag when worn.
  3. The carrier’s bottom could use additional padding or cushioning for both the cat and the wearer.
  4. One customer mentioned that the safety leash was too long and not adjustable, which could be a safety concern if the cat jumps out.

Customer Reviews

  • “We got this backpack for our new kitty, and we LOVE it!! It is exactly what we were looking for. Easy to tote around on walks, the park, hikes, car rides, to the vet, etc.”
  • “Overall it is good, the zippers get stuck pretty easily which is a little annoying. It fits my 15-pound boy perfectly. When wearing it, it does sag a little, so a chest strap would have been a nice addition to this.”
  • “Although the aesthetic design is good, the functional design is terrible. The biggest problem is the bottom of the backpack. It is not properly supported. And the expandable mesh area folds up into the interior space, diminishing it even further.”

In conclusion, most customers are satisfied with the Lekereise XXL Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable, with many praising its ample space, expandable feature, and multiple entrances. However, some customers have pointed out areas for improvement, such as the zippers, padding, and safety leash.

Final Thoughts

The Tail End

The Lekereise XXL Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable is a furr-tastic solution for cat lovers who want to share their thrilling escapades with their larger-than-life feline companions. With its spacious expandable feature, purr-ific multiple entrances, and meow-velous breathable mesh windows, this backpack provides both comfort and convenience for both feline adventurers and their human sidekicks. Many customers have sung its praises, appreciating the extra wiggle room it offers for bigger cats and the effortless loading and unloading process.

Of course, no carrier is absolutely purr-fect. Some minor gripes include finicky zippers and a lack of padding and support, leading to occasional sagging. Additionally, the safety leash could use some improvements in length and adjustability for a more secure experience.

The Final Scratch

So, should you invest in the Lekereise XXL Expandable Cat Backpack Carrier? If you’re seeking a roomy, versatile, and fashionable carrier that’ll have your feline friend purring with delight, this backpack ticks all the boxes. Ideal for a variety of outings such as hiking, camping, urban exploring, and road trips, it’s designed to cater to your cat’s comfort and your convenience.

Keep in mind the minor hiccups reported by some users, like stubborn zippers and insufficient padding. But if you’re willing to look past these small inconveniences, the Lekereise XXL Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable is a paw-some choice for sharing your epic adventures with your whiskered companion.

And there you have it, our comprehensive review wrapped up in a purr-ty little package. If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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