Cat Travel Necessities: This Is What You Should Buy

Cat Travel Necessities

If you enjoy traveling and have a cat, why not travel with your cat? Taking your furry companion with you on trips to see family or visit a beautiful park can be a wonderful experience — and keep your cat from feeling lonely when you go away. But knowing what to bring when you’re traveling with a cat is critical if you want the trip to be a mutually enjoyable experience.

Pack well for the trip, and you and your cat will have a great time. Read on to learn what cat travel necessities you’ll want to have ready to go!

Find the Right Cat Carrier for the Journey

When you’re traveling with your furry companion, one of the most important things to bring is a secure and comfortable cat carrier. Before making a purchase, you’ll want to consider whether you plan on traveling by air, because that could impact the carrier you get. You’ll need to find one that meets flight regulations if you plan to bring your cat into the airplane cabin.

For travel by car, you have more flexibility with the type of carrier you get. In either case, try to find a light carrier that won’t weigh you down. Check for mesh sides that allow your cat to see the world outside the carrier, and try to find a carrier that is warm and cozy on the inside.

Your cat may be spending hours at a time in a carrier. That makes it a top priority for your cat packing list!

Add a Leash to Your Cat Packing List

Whether you’re just stopping to stretch or you’re ready to settle in at a vacation spot, you should plan on packing a leash for your cat. We tend to think of leashes as dog accessories, but they’re a great way to wander around with your cat, too.

When shopping for a cat leash, find a secure leash and harness that will ensure your cat can’t get loose. And choose one in a bright color or with reflective markings for the ultimate level of protection. When you use it, check to make sure the harness is snug but not too tight on your cat.

Then the fun begins! Take your cat out to explore a meadow, park, or campsite. Or keep them at your side while sit back and relax outdoors — and they watch the birds fly by. Your cat will love getting to spend time with you outside, and you’ll love knowing that they are safe while they’re with you.

Pack Something Familiar For Your Cat

Are you planning a road trip for a few weeks? A cat who’s used to sleeping and playing in the same spaces every day may feel anxious if they’re suddenly traveling with you and away from home. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring something familiar for your cat when you travel.

Your cat may have an old blanket or some cuddly toys that could provide a sense of normalcy. Toss a well-worn toy into your cat carrier before you leave. Not only will your cat appreciate the familiar scent of it, but they’ll also have something to keep them entertained during the drive.

When you make a stop for food or a restroom, take a moment to play with your cat. Doing this will provide a necessary break from driving for you, and an enjoyable and comforting experience for your cat.

A Booster Seat Will Make the Car Ride Fun

Traveling by car involves a lot of time on the road. You’ll have a great view from the driver’s seat, but what about your pet? They’ll want a good view of things, too — and it’s easy to provide this!

If you’re wondering what to bring when traveling with a cat, consider getting a booster seat. We may associate these seats with small children, but there is a pet version that’s perfect for roadtrips. Pet booster seats provide a soft and inviting place for your pet to sit while you’re navigating toward your destination.

Booster seats for kids elevate them when you’re eating a meal together at a table, and pet booster seats function in much the same way. Put one in the backseat by your window. You’ll give your cat a better view of their surroundings that could help make the trip a better experience.

Take Your Cat’s Medical Records on the Trip

It might sound excessive to pack your cat’s medical records, but it’s a good practice to bring these on a trip. You never know when your cat might get sick or need some medical care, so it’s good to have what you need. If you’re not close to your regular veterinarian, it may be difficult to determine the appropriate treatment without any background information.

If you’re traveling abroad, you may need copies of vaccination records or other documents to verify your pet is in good health. Gather any pertinent medical records or prescription notices that could be helpful. And you should include your veterinarian’s contact information, too.

Keep all of this information together in a folder that is easy to access. With each visit for a check-up or vaccination, upate the folder so it’s always ready to go for your next adventure!

Food and Water Are Two of the Biggest Cat Travel Necessities

You can’t go on a trip away from home without bringing your cat’s food and some fresh water. Depending on the brand and type of food that your cat eats, it may be difficult to find more of it on the road. If your cat eats a speciality food, plan ahead and purchase enough food to sustain your cat through the journey.

If you’re camping in places without access to clean water, bring enough bottled water, too. An adult cat eating dry food throughout the day should be drinking about a cup of water each day. Without enough water, a cat could delivope kidney problems — or worse.

Bringing a collapsable or disposable set of bowls is another good addition to your cat packing list. Even better, bring a portable dispenser that can handle both food and water. It will provide an easy solution to feeding your pet and it won’t chew up much space in the trunk.

Don’t back out of the driveway for your next trip without confirming that you’ve packed food and water. You want to be able to provide a clean and safe eating environment for your cat while you’re on the road!

A Comfy Bed and Toys Should Be on the Packing List

When it’s time to settle down for the night, give your cat a comfortable place to sleep. If they’re well-rested and comfortable, you’ll be more well-rested and comfortable. As you pack for a trip, be sure to include a comfortable bed — and a few new toys.

A soft bed where your kitty can curl up for the night will be the perfect way to communicate how much you care for them. They’ll want a secure spot where they know they can rest or get some alone time.

And throw in a new toy or two with your other cat travel items. A wand with a feather attached to it can be an effective way to play with your cat before bed time. Even if you’re hiking everywhere, your cat might not be getting as much exercise — and a few minutes of play time will help keep them healthy and amused.

Adding in a few catnip toys will give your cat a delightful scent to enjoy, too. When your cat can’t be home, some toys and a soft bed will let them know you’re looking out for them.

Get Camping Accessories for the Outdoorsy Cat

Do you enjoy camping? Contrary to common assumptions that cats would prefer to sleep all day, your cat might just enjoy heading out on an expedition with you. But if you’re heading out to your favorite state park, you want to have the right gear for your cat.

For cats, camping accessories can include anything from a pop-up tent to a play pen. You’ll be giving your cat an opportunity to taste the outdoors in a safe manner. As a result, these products will need to be durable enough to handle roughing it in the wilderness.

Or you can take an afternoon hike with a cat carrier backpack. You wear these backpacks as you would any other — but they have a bubble window so your cat can see everything from inside the pack!

Is Your Cat’s ID Tag Current?

Your cat should have an ID tag attached to its collar that is up to date. It’s easy to forget this, particularly if you’ve changed addresses recently. Before you leave town, do a quick check.

A tag should indicate the pet’s name, your name, and your contact information. As another step, get your cat microchipped if you haven’t done so already. This is an important step in case you and your cat are ever separated.

Statistics show that missing cats without microchips are only brought back to their owners 1.8% of the time, while those with microchips are united with their owners again nearly 40% of the time. Injecting microchips is a safe and efficient way to keep your cat safer.

Don’t Forget the Litter Box

When you’re planning a trip anywhere with a cat, make sure that you add a traveling litter box to your packing list. Especially if you’re going to stay with a friend or family member, your cat needs a place to do their business. The last thing you want is for your cat to make a mess on your mother-in-law’s new rug.

And believe it or not, your cat may see their litter box as a safe space. If they’re uneasy in a new place, your cat may be content hanging out in the litter box for a little reassurance. Consider using a disposable box for convenience, and bring enough litter.

While you’re at it, pack a scoop, some extra liners or newspapers, and pet stain remover. If you’re staying with a friend or family member, you want to be a good guest. This means you should clean up any kitty messes as quickly as possible.

Be Ready for Emergencies with a First Aid Kit

Being away from home means that you’ll need to be prepared in case of emergencies. And if you’re including a first aid kit for human travelers, you also should include one for your cat. After all, cats love to explore — but sometimes this tendency can get them into trouble.

What should you include in a first aid kit for your cat? You can find some kits that are ready to go and specially formulated for cats. This makes it easy to grab the case, stick it in your trunk, and be prepared.

If assembling one yourself, you should include medical tape, gauze, treatment for wounds, towels, and pills that your cat needs. When in doubt, talk to your veterinarian to make certain that you’re packing medications or treatments that are safe for your cat.

Prepare for Your Next Trip with the Best Cat Travel Items

When you’re gearing up for a trip, put in the time to find and pack a good assortment of cat travel necessities. From the basics like food and bedding to more adventurous items, a cat packing list is the best way to get organized. Your cat will be a happier companion — and you’ll have a more enjoyable trip — if you bring the right travel accessories.

When you’re ready to gear up for your next trip with a feline friend, check out our website for all of your travel needs!

FAQ: Cat Travel Necessities

What are the must-haves for traveling with a cat?

The must-haves for traveling with a cat include: a carrier that is large enough for your cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably, food and water dishes, litter box, cat food and treats, any necessary medications, a first-aid kit, and a familiar blanket or toy for comfort.

How do I comfort my cat when traveling?

To comfort your cat during travel, make sure they have a familiar blanket or toy with them. Give them plenty of attention and petting. Consider giving them treats or feeding them during the trip to keep them calm. You can also try using pheromone sprays or diffusers, which release calming scents, to help soothe your cat during the journey.

What should I do for my cat’s first time travel?

For your cat’s first time traveling, gradually get them used to their carrier by leaving it open and offering treats and toys inside. Take short trips in the car to help them adjust to the movement and sounds. Consider talking to your veterinarian about any medications or remedies to calm your cat during travel.

How do I transport my cat long distance?

For long-distance travel, consider using a hard-sided carrier that is large enough for your cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Make sure to provide food, water, and a litter box. Consider stopping every 2-3 hours to allow your cat to stretch their legs, use the litter box, and have a drink of water. Make sure to keep the carrier in a secure and well-ventilated area of the car.

How do I keep my cat safe during travel?

To keep your cat safe during travel, make sure they are properly secured in a carrier that is fastened with a seat belt. Avoid placing the carrier in the trunk or an uncovered truck bed. Consider using a carrier cover to provide shade and keep your cat cool during hot weather. Make sure to keep the interior of the car at a comfortable temperature and provide adequate ventilation for your cat.

Can my cat travel on an airplane?

Yes, cats can travel on an airplane. However, it is important to check with the airline you are traveling with for their specific requirements and guidelines for traveling with pets. Most airlines require that cats be transported in an approved carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. Make sure to check with the airline for any restrictions on the size and type of carrier that is allowed.

What documents do I need for traveling with my cat?

The specific documents required for traveling with your cat may vary depending on the destination. However, generally, a health certificate from a veterinarian, proof of current vaccinations, and proof of identification, such as a microchip, are required. It is important to check with the destination country for their specific requirements and to allow enough time to obtain the necessary documentation before your trip.

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