The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holders in 2023

Best cat proof toilet paper holders

Ah, the age-old conundrum that unites us cat owners – the infamous toilet paper war. Picture this: you walk into your bathroom, only to find your once pristine roll of toilet paper now resembles the remnants of a ticker-tape parade. Welcome to the feline version of “TP fun”, starring your very own cute, clawed culprit.

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Allow me to recount a hilarious tale from my archives. Once upon a time, my mischievous furball, fondly known as Canaan, discovered the absolute joy of unspooling the toilet paper roll. A sight to behold – there was Canaan, gallantly mounting the toilet roll like a knight riding into battle, shredding the roll into a million pieces with deft precision. It was as if the bathroom had been hit by a snowstorm, a white, fluffy blizzard!

While it was hard not to be impressed by his dedication, the practical repercussions were less than ideal. Anyone fancying a visit to the loo would have to traverse a mountain of shredded paper. And forget about having guests over unless you want them questioning your cleaning habits!

But worry not, fellow cat parents, for there exists a beacon of hope in this chaos – cat proof toilet paper holders. This simple yet genius contraption may just be the answer to retaining our sanity (and dignity!) in the face of our cats’ unyielding love for toilet paper.

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How Can I Cat-Proof My Toilet Paper?

The quickest way to cat-proof your toilet paper is by using a cat-proof toilet paper holder that restricts the cat’s access to the roll. You can also consider alternative placements, like inside a closed drawer, or even switching to a vertical holder. Remember, a content cat is less likely to wreak havoc!

Ready to tackle this toilet paper debacle head-on? Let’s roll on!

Why Do Cats Love Toilet Paper?

Bathroom chaos caused by cat and toilet paper

Who knew something as innocuous as a roll of toilet paper could incite such inexplicable joy and excitement in our feline companions? What’s that about, right? But let’s peel back the layers (pun intended) of this toilet paper love affair.

First things first: cats are born predators. You may see a doting ball of fluff, but beneath that adorable facade is a natural-born hunter, and this instinct isn’t just reserved for mice or laser pointers. Your cat’s assault on your precious toilet paper might seem like mindless destruction to you, but to them, it’s a high-stakes hunting game.

Think about it. A roll of toilet paper bears a vague resemblance to a small scurrying critter when it unravels. The movement of the roll spinning wildly as they bat at it, the sound of tearing paper, all of this simulates the thrills of the hunt. It’s an action-packed game for your kitty, even if it does leave your bathroom looking like the aftermath of a paper shredder party.

It’s a widely recognized fact among cat owners: our feline friends just can’t seem to resist toilet paper! Whether it’s unrolling, shredding, or playing with it, many of us have witnessed this firsthand. So, if you’re grappling with a ‘TP-loving’ furball, remember, you’re in good company!

In the next sections, we’ll dive into solutions for our shared cat-induced TP troubles.

What Happens When You Don’t Cat-Proof Your Toilet Paper?

Cat caught in the act of shredding toilet paper

Before we dive into the heart of our toilet paper salvation, it’s essential to understand what we’re up against. Neglecting to cat-proof your toilet paper comes with consequences, a true testament to the adage – “what goes around, comes around.”

Prepare yourself for a relentless cleanup operation, one where the enemy attacks, retreats, and returns with renewed vigor just when you thought peace had been restored. Keeping up with a cat’s unwavering commitment to toilet paper destruction can feel like you’re stuck in an eternal loop of cleaning and re-rolling, a Sisyphean task if there ever was one!

And let’s not forget the economics of the situation. Every roll that meets its untimely demise rings the cash register a little more, adding a tangible dollar cost to the psychological toll of the ongoing toilet paper war. This is an unexpected addition to the overall cost of cat ownership that can sneak up on you.

Now, allow me to regale you with an amusing tale from the battlefront, the saga of Sally and her feisty feline, Paws. Paws was a charmer, with twinkling green eyes and a silky coat that invited countless strokes. But boy, did he have an unhealthy obsession with toilet paper!

One day, Sally’s neighbor, Mrs. Jones, popped by for a surprise visit. Excited at the prospect of showing off her newly renovated powder room, Sally led Mrs. Jones to the bathroom, only to be met with a sight that would make a grown man weep.

It was an explosion of shredded toilet paper – on the floor, draped over the sink, even festooned on the chandelier. Paws, the culprit, sat amid the wreckage, a picture of feline innocence, white flakes clinging to his whiskers. Needless to say, it took more than a few biscuits and a generous helping of strong tea to get over that incident.

The moral of the story? Neglecting to cat-proof your toilet paper isn’t just a folly; it’s an invitation to chaos, hilarity, and lots of unwanted bathroom cleaning! Let’s nip this problem in the bud, shall we? Onward to our exploration of the remarkable cat-proof toilet paper holders!

What is a Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder?

Mischievous cat playing with unrolled toilet paper

Our journey towards a world free from toilet paper pandemonium begins with a simple yet ingenious invention: the cat-proof toilet paper holder. This device, with its stealthy name, is the unsung hero in the battle between cats and toilet paper.

So, what exactly is a cat-proof toilet paper holder? Imagine a fortress, a stronghold that stands resolute against feline invaders, providing sanctuary to the innocent, vulnerable toilet paper. This fortress is our cat-proof toilet paper holder, a contraption designed with the sole purpose of keeping toilet paper safe from your furry companion’s playful antics.

Picture a standard toilet paper holder. Now, imagine adding some protective layers to it, a cover of sorts that makes the roll less accessible to cats yet easily usable by humans. That’s essentially a cat-proof toilet paper holder. Some holders encapsulate the roll completely, others only partially, and some are designed with cunningly smart openings that confuse our feline friends.

When installed, this holder doesn’t interfere with the toilet paper’s functionality for us two-legged users. You can still pull, tear, and use the paper as easily as you would with a regular holder. However, for your four-legged buddy, it’s a different story.

Their paws may reach for the familiar roll, but all they meet is an unyielding cover that doesn’t budge or spin wildly at their touch. The absence of a roll to swat, shred, or unroll can leave them perplexed and soon enough, they might just give up and saunter away. Ah, the sweet taste of victory!

In a nutshell, a cat-proof toilet paper holder acts as a clever deterrent, saving you from potential messes and saving your cat from ingesting fragments of shredded toilet paper. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it? Let’s move forward to some of the best options available to help you regain sovereignty over your bathroom!

Types of Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holders

Just like our feline friends, cat proof toilet paper holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach here; it depends on your individual needs, your cat’s skill level, and of course, your bathroom’s decor. Below, we’ll explore the wide world of cat proof toilet paper holders and their unique features.

Covered Toilet Paper Holders

We start our tour with the covered toilet paper holder, a classic in the realm of cat proof solutions. This type of holder typically includes a casing that completely encloses the toilet paper roll, keeping it safe from playful paws and sharp claws.

The benefits are obvious: your toilet paper stays untouched, and your cleaning efforts reduce dramatically. These holders also have a sleek look, fitting seamlessly into any modern bathroom. The only downside might be that you’ll have to occasionally explain its workings to guests unfamiliar with the contraption.

High-Mounted Holders

Next, we soar to the heights of the high-mounted holders. As the name suggests, these holders are installed higher than usual on your bathroom wall, making it difficult for your little daredevil to reach the coveted roll.

The benefit here lies in the simple logic of elevation: what can’t be reached can’t be destroyed. However, bear in mind that this approach is best suited for cats less prone to acrobatics. If your furball is a fan of heights and loves scaling curtains, you might want to consider another type.

Free Standing Holders

Meet the jack-of-all-trades: the free-standing holder. It’s portable, versatile, and requires no drilling or installation. This holder stands on its own, and it can be moved around as per your convenience.

The free-standing holder is perfect for renters or those who don’t want to drill holes in their bathroom walls. Plus, some models come with added weight at the base or anti-tip features to prevent your kitty from knocking it over.

Weighted or Locking Holders

Our final destination brings us to the fortress-like security of weighted or locking holders. They come equipped with additional features like a lock-in mechanism or added weight to make it extra difficult for felines to unroll the paper.

These holders are perfect for those who are dealing with particularly persistent or clever cats. The toilet paper stays put, the holder stays put, and hopefully, after a few unsuccessful attempts, your cat stays put as well.

Each type of cat proof toilet paper holder has its unique charm and functionality. Choose the one that fits best with your circumstances, and say goodbye to toilet paper catastrophes! Now, let’s dive deeper and explore some of the top cat proof toilet paper holders in the market.

Top Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holders: Reviews & Recommendations

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with the types of cat proof toilet paper holders, it’s time to go shopping. There are countless options available in the market, and choosing the right one might seem daunting. But don’t worry, we’ve done the homework for you. Here’s our detailed review of some of the top cat proof toilet paper holders that will put an end to your furry companion’s paper trail.

This guide’s recommendations result from our expert team’s thorough research, including user reviews, product specifications, and firsthand experiences. This rigorous process guarantees our reviews’ authenticity, guiding you to make informed decisions. Our reviews remain unbiased and credible; however, please note that we may earn an affiliate commission for purchases made through our links.

Stainless Steel: GHVACZS Versatile Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder

Stainless steel holders, such as the GHVACZS Stainless Steel Pet Safe Toilet Paper Holder, offer a mix of style and durability that’s hard to beat. Stainless steel is known for its resistance to corrosion, and when it comes to cat proof toilet paper holders, it provides the added benefit of being sturdy and difficult for your feline to topple.

The GHVACZS cat proof toilet paper holder stands out for its high-quality construction and functional design. Made from premium SUS 304 stainless steel, it is both waterproof and rust-proof, which ensures long-lasting durability even in wet environments like bathrooms. The polish silver surface adds an upscale touch to any decor, without leaving obvious fingerprint marks. This makes it a stylish and practical addition to your home.

Designed to accommodate rolls of up to 5.51IN in diameter and 5.31IN in width, it works perfectly with most regular, mega, and family mega rolls. The fully enclosed, waterproof design prevents cats from tearing the toilet paper, making it an ideal choice for pet owners. Additionally, it boasts a multipurpose top that can hold items like mobile phones, keys, glasses, and more.

Installation is hassle-free, with two methods provided for different wall types. For smooth walls, it includes self-adhesive hooks, while rough walls may require a more secure drilling installation. It’s recommended to wait 4 hours after sticking for optimal stability.

High-quality stainless steel constructionPolished silver may not suit all decors
Fully enclosed, cat-proof design
Accommodates large toilet paper rolls
Multipurpose top for added convenience
Two installation methods provided

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Many customers have praised this cat-proof toilet paper holder for its effectiveness in keeping their feline friends from wreaking havoc on their toilet paper rolls. Users report that it’s easy to install, and they appreciate the quality and look of the holder. However, some customers note that once the toilet paper roll gets below half-way, it doesn’t stay on the grips, and pulling the paper from the bottom can be challenging.

Conclusion: The GHVACZS cat proof toilet paper holder is a robust, stylish, and practical solution for homeowners struggling with cats that love to play with toilet paper. With its excellent construction, versatile application, and easy installation, it provides an effective way to keep your toilet paper safe while adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Despite a few minor drawbacks, its benefits far outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile investment.

Combination Holder: YOHOM Toilet Paper Roll Holder with Shelf

If you’re looking for something a bit more innovative, combination holders might just be the thing. These cat proof toilet paper holders come with extra features that you didn’t know you needed. Take for example the YOHOM Toilet Paper Roll Holder with Shelf. Not only does it keep your toilet paper roll safe from your cat, but it also provides a shelf for your phone or other small items.

the YOHOM Adhesive Toilet Paper Roll Holder – a brilliant solution for households with curious pets. This pet-proof toilet paper holder is ingeniously designed, offering a clean, minimalistic look and a sturdy build, made of durable plastic. Its painted white finish complements a broad spectrum of bathroom décor, presenting a harmonious blend of style and function. Its adhesive installation style adds another feather to its cap, allowing you to install it on smooth surfaces easily.

What makes this holder exceptional is its waterproof cover and bounce switch design. Now, say goodbye to wet toilet paper and enjoy the convenience of a fully covered roll that’s safe from water splashes, dust, and lint. The bounce switch design is the hero element that keeps your furry friends at bay, preventing them from unrolling the paper. Additionally, it can accommodate a toilet roll size of 4.52″ in width and 4.72″ in diameter, ensuring that your standard rolls fit in without a hassle.

Waterproof and pet-proof designNot suitable for larger toilet rolls
Durable plastic constructionLimited to installation on smooth surfaces
Convenient top shelf for phone or wipes
Adhesive installation simplifies mounting process

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Customers rave about the YOHOM Toilet Paper Roll Holder. Users highlight its effectiveness in thwarting pet attempts to destroy toilet paper, and it’s easy installation. The addition of a handy shelf for phones or baby wipes is also much appreciated, providing functionality beyond just holding a roll of toilet paper.

Conclusion: The YOHOM Adhesive Toilet Paper Roll Holder is an innovative and highly practical product that helps you manage common household problems. If you’re tired of playing hide-and-seek with your toilet paper or dealing with soggy rolls, this product is a game-changer. Not only does it serve its primary purpose effectively, but it also provides extra functionality, all while enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom. It’s a real winner for anyone seeking a neat, functional, and pet-friendly solution.

Storage Cabinet: ESTHELLO Bathroom Storage Toilet Paper Cabinet

Step into the realm of organized, pet-proof living with the ESTHELLO Bathroom Storage Toilet Paper Cabinet. This multipurpose piece is not just a toilet paper holder; it’s a compact storage solution that optimizes the use of narrow spaces in your home.

Designed with your needs in mind, the ESTHELLO toilet paper cabinet shines with its simple yet effective white design. The cabinet effortlessly adds a touch of class to your bathroom decor, standing out in the most elegant way. It offers three separate storage areas – one of which can be customized according to your requirements. One shelf is dedicated to toilet paper storage, cleverly designed to be semi-open for easy access. The compact size of the cabinet means it can be snugly fitted in those hard-to-utilize spaces between the tub and the toilet, making it an excellent space-saving solution.

The highlight of this product is its waterproof construction made of sturdy ABS panels. Its smooth surface not only gives it an aesthetic appeal but also makes cleaning a breeze. The cabinet offers three placement options – wall-mounting with stickers, nailing to the wall, or simply placing on the floor (free standing). This kind of flexibility gives you the freedom to install it the way that best suits your space and preference.

Cat-proof toilet paper storageAssembly may be tricky for some
Multiple storage compartments
Space-saving, slim design
Durable, waterproof construction

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Real-life user reviews resonate with appreciation for this bathroom storage cabinet. Users find it particularly helpful in combating the toilet paper destroying tendencies of their feline companions. Its assembly process and storage capacity, especially for mega rolls, also get a thumbs up.

Conclusion: The ESTHELLO Bathroom Storage Toilet Paper Cabinet is a smart choice for those battling with limited space and mischievous pets. It’s not only a practical toilet paper holder, but also a stylish storage solution that amplifies the functionality of your bathroom. With its durable, waterproof construction and user-friendly design, it surely stands apart from its competitors in the market. If you’re seeking a unique, cat-proof solution for your bathroom, look no further.

Round Enclosed: JunSun Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder

Round Enclosed Wall Mounted: JunSun Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder

If you’re in a battle of wits with a feline who loves making confetti out of your toilet paper, the JunSun Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder is the game-changer you’ve been looking for. Made with premium SUS304 stainless steel, it sports a near-closed construction that not only keeps your roll safe from mischievous paws, but also shields it from water – an understated boon for anyone with a bathroom shower nearby. Coupled with its brushed nickel finish, this holder resists daily scratches, tarnishing, and corrosion, giving it both functional and aesthetic longevity.

A cat-proof toilet paper holder doesn’t have to compromise on style, and this JunSun product is proof of that. The mix of brushed nickel stainless steel with matte acrylic sides creates an elegant piece that will fit in with almost any bathroom décor. Plus, it doesn’t block your view of the toilet paper – you can easily check the remaining amount from either side. The dimensions of this holder make it capable of accommodating most standard and mega rolls. However, it’s worth noting that for the biggest rolls, you might need to use a few sheets before it fits perfectly.

The wall-mounted design adds an additional layer of protection from your feline friend. As we discussed earlier, positioning the holder high up on the wall reduces the chances of your kitty reaching it. The robust construction ensures the holder will withstand the onslaught of your cat’s curiosity while also allowing for easy roll replacement. With the JunSun Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder, the days of reaching for a roll only to find a pile of shredded paper are over.

Effective cat-proofingMight be tight for the largest rolls
Elegant brushed nickel finishA bit overpriced for what it offers
Fits most standard and mega rolls

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Feedback from real-life users resonates a clear message: the JunSun Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder does exactly what it promises to do – keeps toilet paper safe from pets. While some users feel the holder is a bit expensive, they also anticipate it will pay for itself in the long run, considering the reduction in wasted toilet paper. Users also appreciate its aesthetic appeal and the ease of changing toilet paper rolls.

Conclusion: If your feline friend has a penchant for playing with your toilet paper, the JunSun Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder is a practical and elegant solution. While it may have minor shortcomings like a slight wobble after installation and a tighter fit for larger rolls, it excels in its primary function – keeping your toilet paper safe from pets. Remember to measure your toilet paper rolls before purchasing, and your bathroom routine can once again be a peaceful, uninterrupted experience.

Free standing: iDesign Plastic Holder The Kent Collection

Free standing cat proof toilet paper holder: iDesign Plastic Holder The Kent Collection

The iDesign Kent Plastic Toilet Paper Holder is more than just a holder. This functional cat proof toilet paper holder redefines convenience by neatly storing up to three rolls. The holder serves as a practical and hidden storage solution ensuring you always have backup toilet paper within easy reach, without compromising the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Boasting a sturdy, slim design, the iDesign holder is versatile, perfectly fitting in closets, bathrooms, RVs and more. This free-standing holder offers an attractive option for any master or guest bathroom, or even a kid’s bathroom. Made of high-quality plastic, the holder promises durability and a long lifespan, making it a worthy addition to your bathroom accessories.

The iDesign cat proof toilet paper holder also optimizes space with its efficient size, measuring 6.25″ x 6.25″ x 15.5″. It can fit neatly between your toilet and the counter or wall, providing immediate organization to your bathroom space. The silver color effortlessly complements any bathroom decor.

Stores up to three rollsPlastic may not be as robust as metal
Versatile and free-standing designLid removal for restocking may be inconvenient
Durable high-quality plastic
Efficient, space-saving size
Stylish silver color

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Customers have highly appreciated the iDesign toilet paper holder for its practicality and functionality. Many have found it to be an effective solution against their cats’ habits of shredding toilet paper. Its capacity to hold three large rolls and its discreet design have been praised. However, no product is without flaws, and some users have expressed minor concerns regarding restocking convenience.

Conclusion: Overall, the iDesign Kent Plastic Toilet Paper Holder emerges as a highly functional and practical addition to any bathroom. Its discreet design, durability, and large capacity make it a standout solution for managing toilet paper rolls, particularly for households with mischievous cats. Despite a few minor cons, it provides a valuable mix of functionality, style, and convenience that could enhance any bathroom experience.

Waterproof & Portable: Kakaforsa Hanging Toilet Paper Holder

Kakaforsa Hanging Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder

Welcome to your solution to the perennial problem of mischievous cats and vulnerable toilet paper: the Kakaforsa Hanging Toilet Paper Holder. Designed with ingenuity and practicality in mind, this holder boasts a cat-proof roll paper case cover that ensures your toilet paper remains intact and unscathed, whether in the home, car, or outdoors.

Constructed from high-quality waterproof polyester fabric, this toilet paper holder is as durable as it is versatile. Thanks to a self-recovery EPE foam padding inside, the holder retains its shape even after compression, providing robust protection for your toilet paper. A sturdy, smooth zipper combined with a wide opening and a leather flap ensures your toilet paper stays dry, clean, and easily accessible.

Adding to its appeal, the Kakaforsa toilet paper holder features an adjustable strap and buckle design that allows for versatile placement in numerous locations. Measuring a compact 5.90 (L) x 5.90 (H) x 5.90 (w) inches, it offers an easy-to-use, space-saving solution that cat owners will appreciate.

High-quality, waterproof materialMay not fit larger toilet paper rolls
Adjustable strap for versatile hangingCould be challenging to refill
Compact and space-saving design
Self-recovery EPE foam padding
Easy to use and carry

Real-Life User Reviews and Testimonials:

Customers have lauded the Kakaforsa Hanging Toilet Paper Holder for its practical design and cat-proof capabilities. The ease of use, durability, and versatility in terms of placement have been particularly appreciated. A common concern, however, is the fit of larger toilet paper rolls, necessitating the removal of some paper before installation.

Conclusion: The Kakaforsa Hanging Toilet Paper Holder presents a compelling solution for cat owners and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Its cat-proof design, durable construction, and versatile hanging options make it a unique and practical option for protecting your toilet paper. While it may have minor limitations, its benefits far outweigh any drawbacks, making it a worthy investment for those in need of a cat-proof toilet paper holder.

Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Right Cat-Proof Toilet Paper Holder

We get it: armed with a multitude of options, choosing the right cat proof toilet paper holder can be quite a task. To help you in your mission, here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide to consider. Remember, the ultimate goal is not just to protect your toilet paper, but to find a solution that integrates seamlessly with your lifestyle, cat’s behavior, and bathroom decor.

Consider Your Cat’s Behavior

First and foremost, consider your feline friend’s behavior. Is your cat particularly determined or acrobatic when it comes to unrolling toilet paper? In this case, a high-mounted or covered toilet paper holder might be the best choice. On the other hand, if your cat simply loves to play with anything hanging, a weighted or locking holder might do the trick. Understanding your cat’s habits and behavior is the first step in finding the right solution.

Bathroom Size and Installation

Another important factor to consider is the size and layout of your bathroom. A free-standing holder might be a good fit for a larger bathroom, while a wall-mounted holder might be best for smaller spaces. Keep in mind the installation requirements as well. Some holders can be installed with adhesive tape, while others might require drilling. Be sure to choose a holder that fits with your bathroom layout and your DIY skills.


Just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty! The design and aesthetics of the toilet paper holder can significantly impact your bathroom’s look and feel. From sleek stainless steel models to rustic wooden ones, the market is full of diverse styles. Choose a cat proof toilet paper holder that complements your bathroom’s decor and matches your personal taste.

Ease of Use

You wouldn’t want a daily household item like a toilet paper holder to become a source of frustration, right? Consider the ease of use. How simple is it to replace the toilet roll? Does the cover or flap open smoothly? Is the holder at a convenient height for human use? Make sure to pick a holder that’s user-friendly for all the members of your household.

Durability and Price

Finally, consider the durability and price of the holder. If you’re investing in a cat proof toilet paper holder, you’d want it to be durable enough to withstand your cat’s antics. Also, price is an important factor. There are options available in various price ranges, from budget-friendly to premium models. Keep your budget in mind, but remember that investing in a high-quality holder could save you the cost of repeatedly replacing shredded toilet paper!

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the best cat proof toilet paper holder for your home. Happy shopping, and here’s to a future free of toilet paper disasters!

DIY Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder Ideas: Unleashing Your Creativity

If you’re a DIY enthusiast and want to add a personal touch to your cat proof solution, this section is for you! There’s nothing more rewarding than creating something with your own hands, especially when it successfully thwarts your furry friend’s toilet paper attacks. Let’s dive into some fun and unique DIY cat proof toilet paper holder ideas.

DIY Idea 1: PVC Pipe Toilet Paper Holder (H3)

For our first DIY idea, we’ll use a humble PVC pipe to create a practical, cost-effective, and sturdy cat proof toilet paper holder.


  1. One PVC pipe (the diameter should be big enough to accommodate a roll of toilet paper, and the length should be slightly longer than the width of the roll)
  2. Two PVC end caps
  3. Adhesive
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Paint (optional)


  1. First, use sandpaper to smooth the edges of the PVC pipe and end caps.
  2. Next, place one end cap on one end of the pipe. Apply adhesive to ensure it stays in place.
  3. Insert the toilet paper roll into the pipe and cap the other end.
  4. Optionally, paint the exterior of the pipe to match your bathroom decor. Allow it to dry completely before mounting it on your wall.

And voila! You’ve got yourself a simple, affordable, and effective DIY cat proof toilet paper holder.

DIY Idea 2: Fabric Toilet Paper Holder (H3)

If you’re a sewing enthusiast, this fabric toilet paper holder can be an aesthetically pleasing and cat-resistant addition to your bathroom.


  1. Fabric of your choice (enough to fit around a toilet paper roll with a little extra on the top and bottom)
  2. Sewing machine or needle and thread
  3. Ribbon or rope
  4. Plastic ring or old bracelet


  1. Cut the fabric to fit around the toilet paper roll with a few inches extra at the top and bottom.
  2. Fold the fabric in half with the “right” sides facing each other, and sew along the side to create a tube.
  3. Hem the top and bottom of the tube, leaving enough space to thread your ribbon or rope through.
  4. Turn the fabric right side out and thread the ribbon or rope through the top hem, attaching the plastic ring or old bracelet on one end.
  5. Insert the toilet paper roll into the fabric tube and hang it from a hook in your bathroom.

This fabric toilet paper holder adds a touch of style to your bathroom while keeping your toilet paper safe from playful paws.

These DIY ideas not only provide a fun project but also ensure that you’ve got a practical solution to your cat’s toilet paper shenanigans! Happy crafting!

Training Techniques: Teaching Your Cat to Respect the Toilet Paper

Toilet paper mess created by playful kitten

While cat-proof toilet paper holders can offer a valuable solution to your feline toilet paper woes, another effective approach is to train your cat to respect the toilet paper. After all, cats are intelligent creatures, and with the right motivation and consistency, they can learn to leave your bathroom tissues alone. Let’s explore some of the best training techniques you can use to educate your feline friend and ensure your toilet paper remains intact!

Redirect Their Attention

One of the simplest strategies to teach your cat to stop unrolling your toilet paper is to redirect their attention towards more appropriate playthings. Cats are naturally curious and playful creatures, and often, the unrolling of toilet paper is simply an expression of their need to play and explore.

  1. Try to introduce new toys that might divert their attention from the toilet paper. Interactive toys, laser pointers, or balls can be effective.
  2. Regularly play with your cat to satiate their play instinct, which can reduce their interest in the toilet paper.

Positive Reinforcement

Cats respond well to positive reinforcement, which involves rewarding them for exhibiting behavior that you want to encourage. This can be a very effective way to train your cat to avoid the toilet paper.

  1. Whenever your cat uses their own toys instead of going for the toilet paper, immediately reward them with treats, praises, or petting. This will make them associate using their own toys with positive experiences.
  2. Be consistent with your reinforcement. The key to positive reinforcement is timing and regularity. It’s essential to immediately reward your cat when they do the right thing for the reinforcement to be effective.

Use of Deterrents

Another training method is to use deterrents that discourage your cat from approaching the toilet paper.

  1. A harmless but effective deterrent can be a motion-activated air spray or ultrasonic device. These devices detect motion and release a burst of air or emit a sound that cats dislike, discouraging them from approaching the area.
  2. You can also use cat-safe citrus sprays. Cats usually dislike the smell of citrus, and spraying a little around the toilet paper holder can keep them at bay.

Remember, the key to any training technique is patience and consistency. Your cat might not get it right away, but don’t be discouraged. Keep at it, and eventually, your cat will start to understand what’s expected of them. Training your cat not only protects your toilet paper but also enhances your bond with your furry friend. Happy training!


Ah, the life of a cat owner – full of surprises, laughs, and yes, the occasional bathroom disaster. You may have thought that a peaceful trip to the restroom, complete with an untouched roll of toilet paper, was a luxury of the past, lost to the whims of your feisty feline. But don’t lose hope, fellow cat-lovers! The elusive dream of a chaos-free bathroom is within your reach thanks to the magic of cat proof toilet paper holders.

We’ve ventured together on this rollercoaster journey, from understanding why our kitties are so fascinated with that roll of paper, to the disastrous aftermath of their ‘creative’ endeavors, and finally landing on the lifesaving creation of cat proof toilet paper holders. We’ve explored the vast range of holders, from the sleek stainless steel models to the practical waterproof and wall-mounted ones. And for those who love to get their hands dirty, we even dipped our toes into the DIY world.

Remember, while choosing the right cat proof toilet paper holder, keep in mind factors like your cat’s behavior, bathroom size, your home’s decor, and the holder’s ease of use and installation. And let’s not forget about trying to teach our little furballs to respect the sanctity of toilet paper – a feat requiring a saint’s patience, no doubt, but not impossible!

As we wrap up, picture this: A sunny Sunday morning, you walk into the bathroom, and there it is – a pristine roll of toilet paper, undisturbed and intact. No sign of a kitty attack. Now that’s what we call a purrfect morning!

So, go forth, brave cat owners. Arm yourselves with the best cat proof toilet paper holder and reclaim your throne! Or, at the very least, save yourself from yet another unexpected trip to the supermarket’s toilet paper aisle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When it comes to the adventure of cat-proofing your toilet paper, you’re not alone! Many cat owners have found themselves scratching their heads over this conundrum. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic:

How Does a Cat-Proof Toilet Paper Holder Work?

Cat-proof toilet paper holders employ an ingenious protective shield around the roll. The design bars cats from accessing and shredding the paper. Yet, it features an accessible slot for humans to draw paper easily, providing the perfect balance between utility and pet-proof measures. It’s a nifty solution to a common household problem.

How Do I Install a Cat-Proof Toilet Paper Holder?

The installation process for a cat-proof toilet paper holder varies based on the product type. Some holders necessitate wall-mounting with the aid of adhesive strips or screws. Others are free-standing, requiring no installation. Regardless, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s detailed instructions for correct setup to ensure stability and effectiveness.

Can a Cat-Proof Toilet Paper Holder Fit All Roll Sizes?

Most cat-proof toilet paper holders are designed to accommodate standard roll sizes. However, some models may struggle with “mega” or larger sized rolls. It’s crucial to check the product’s specifications before purchase to ensure it matches your preferred toilet paper roll size, thus avoiding any inconveniences.

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